Before you make one of the biggest investments in your life (purchasing or selling property) consider the following:

Whether your are buying a used home, selling your current home, or purchasing new office/commercial building, it is very crucial to have someone inspect the property for unseen damages and deterioration overlooked by the naked eye, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience in this field. 

As both an experienced general contractor and registered home inspector, we provide home inspection services that can save you valuable time and money in preparing your home for Remodeling, or for sale.  Not only can we find the defects, we have the skill to fix them.  As with our construction projects, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

We service all of the valley, including; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Mesa just to name a few.

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Our Specialties include:

Custom Home Building and Designing

Additions & Remodeling (Kitchen, Bath, Basement, Renovations etc.)

Drafting & Blueprinting (starting at just $20)

Home Inspection


Sheet Metal Machinery

Cape Cod Interior House Painter

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Mesa Pest Control

Importance of Home Inspection

Here are top Three reasons why you should consider building a Custom Home:
#1 Cost

- Building your own home allows you to budget and manage cost of your home, when we give you estimates they are extremely detailed and breaks everything down on the Cost Break Down Sheet. This will aloow you to manage the cost more effeicently, before we began building your dream home.

#2 Customization

- When you build your own home you can have anything you want, indoor pool, tennis/basketball court, bigger kitchen and so on. All you have to do is simply add it on to the floor plan. Since we do the drafting in-house, you virtually have unlimited options to making changes to your floor plans. Some of the other benefits include; being able to customize room sizes, pick the materials, and basically build it to your vision, dream, and lifestyle.

#3 Built to your needs

- Buying a pre-built home may mean that the kitchen cabinets are too tall or the counters are too low. When you build your own house you are able to design areas for your own needs. For example, if your family has more than 3 cars, designing a house with an extra carport or an extended garage.

Did you know!!! Custom Dream Home's tile roofs that we install are installed with a cool roof method which is like having two roofs in one.

All attic ventilation is the maximum per design.

All plumbing , electrical, air conditioning and heating is in controlled air space.

All homes are built with full sheer an optimum insulation.

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